Sunday, October 31, 2010

blue hour

the blue hour

the blue hour

we usually arrived back at the hotel just as the sun went down,
with enough light to imagine how nice it must be there during summer.
it was definitely too chilly to use the pool.

our Italian colleagues were incredibly nice, and made us eat incredible amounts of food.
we would usually go for lunch and dinner
with at least two courses per meal (we would try to only have one course,
but somehow they would always trick us into eating at least two!).

apart from eating we visited all the factories and different showrooms,
it was so nice to see where all the furniture is made
(kitchens and wardrobes in a pretty big factory with clever machines and amazingly few people,
sofa covers in a small backyard shed that used to house the founders' small carpentry company back in the 60s).
it felt great to see how much the production is still rooted in the area.

we also had a chance to see a bit of Como,
and spent an afternoon in Milan.
pictures soon, and I wish you a lovely rest of the weekend.


  1. sounds like you had a great time.

    love the light in these - and the brick pattern in the second!

    p.s.: ich würde auch gern mal so eine besichtigungstour machen, so schön!