Tuesday, November 2, 2010

como in blues and grays







I'm always torn between showing complete stories or situations
(including images that are not beautiful themselves, but maybe show a beautiful setting)
and showing only the images that I truly like (if by themselves or grouped with other images).

I feel there is a difference between images that remind you of a beautiful setting
(because when you look at them you remember how you felt when you were there)
and images that are truly beautiful themselves (for me these are often the ones that
perfectly portray the atmosphere of the original setting, or even an ideal and slightly abstract version of it).

In this case I chose to not show you lake Como as the sun went down.
the setting was very beautiful in person, but in comparison looks so disappointing in my pictures.

so this is Como without the lake (but in matching tones):
1 the duomo
2, 3, 4 giuseppe terragni's casa del fascio*
4 the hotel facing the lake
5 very impressive pipe details

I really liked Como with its narrow streets and squares, the surrounding hills and the lake.
we only spent about two hours there, but I would love to some day come back for a little longer.

* it was impossible to get a good shot of the main elevation. here are some great ones though.


  1. das problem mit den fotos habe ich auch oft...diese bildergruppe gefällt mir auf jeden fall sehr.
    ich war noch nie in como, muss ich allein schon wegen terragni mal nachholen.
    wenn du rohre magst musst du mal zu mir kommen (http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabbjana/4688026618/in/set-72157624238066838/)!!

  2. Funny; I was just thinking about the same thing regarding my New York photos. I often find that some photos look better when posted together as a group on my blog instead of "single posted" on Flickr.

  3. I often choose different photos for my blog and for Flickr without really knowing why. This sums it up really well. It's nice to have different formats while we work it out!