Saturday, October 30, 2010


morning sun

morning sun

morning sun

morning sun

hello again after two weeks of absence, it's good to be back!
the first week, as you know, I spent in Italy,
the second week was full of too many problems at work, being very sleepy by 8pm,
resentment of all the noise and stress of NYC, dreams of moving back to Europe,
and the greatest sunny and warm fall weather (clearly NYC trying to get me to love it again).

today the weather is cooler but very sunny, and it's impossible to not love this city.
and in a minute we will take our weekend neighborhood walk to pick up dry cleaning (T), films I dropped off two weeks ago (me) and maybe a coffee or some fancy-food shopping, and definitely some picture taking.

above you can see the hotel that me and my three colleagues
stayed at during our time in Italy (first two pictures).
I will show you more soon.

Thank you so much for all the nice comments on my last post,
and see you soon!


  1. mmm, schönes wetter hattet ihr! in turin hat man überall die alpen im hintergrund hervorblitzen sehen, wenn der himmel so klar war.
    ich müsste auch mal wieder raus ein paar fotos machen...sitze drinnen am schreibtisch meinen hintern platt.
    schönen sonnigen samstag wünsche ich euch!

  2. That's the hotel you stayed in?? I love those perfectly lined up shrubs/trees! Can't wait to see more photos!

  3. Welcome back, Christine; these are lovely photos.

  4. oh wow, what a beautiful place.

    hope things are calming down in nyc.