Monday, May 11, 2009

back in London

I'm back in London, and back at work.

I picked up a film from two weeks ago this morning.
they're from around where I live now (lower clapton) and my way to work.

hope you have a good monday!

Friday, May 8, 2009

north american mammals

I went to the Museum of Natural History yesterday.
It's one of my favorite museums in NYC.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new things

01. right to left:
rocky mountains prints from jaimers (thanks for the recommendation, Maaret!)
elephant from unto this last in London
black bear print from Kristiana Pärn, bought at the Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Market last saturday

02. little bowl from Pearl River Mart

03. little bunny tray from Pearl River Mart

04. our window seat. I bought a piece of foam cut to fit yesterday and will make a cover out of this grey organic crossweave fabric (bought here) as soon as I get my hands on a voltage converter to plug in my english sewing machines (hopefully today).

05. wood floor in our apartment

park slope

this was saturday in park slope. the pictures look a bit gloomy, but that's how it's been here most of the time (except for saturday afternoon, which was perfectly sunny, but that film is still in my camera).

we went to a craft fair at the Brooklyn Lyceum, where we bought a lovely print (I'll show you later) and stumbled across an orchestra rehearsal on the first floor, which is mostly used as a gym (third picture from top).

flying + arriving

something went wrong with this film.

I realized half way through that I had not adjusted the sensitivity dial to the actual film speed and changed it then. but still the images that are ok and the ones that are underexposed seem to happen quite randomly all over the film. but some did turn out nice.

Monday, May 4, 2009


slowly, but getting there.

and now: off to ikea.


some more recent images shot with my Lomo LC-A in London.

I'll be talking NYC from tomorrow!

walk London, plus NYC

Some images from a recent walk around my new home in north east london.

New York is very nice so far. We had sunshine yesterday (after a rainy start) and walked around the neighborhood and had lunch in prospect park.

today it rained all day and we dragged ourselves round bad bath and beyond and the container store in manhattan and managed to buy some things for the flat.

I hope I'll get the first film developed tomorrow.

Friday, May 1, 2009

brooklyn calling

I'm very excited: I am leaving to the airport in half an hour to visit husband T. in his (and very soon my) new home in Brooklyn. He left London four weeks ago, as did our boxes. They were stuck in customs for over a week but are hopefully being delivered to his front door any day now.

I'll be staying for eight days, and I look forward to lots of hanging out, lots of walking around, taking lots of pictures, eating good food, going to Ikea, some sewing, and spending lots of time with T.

I wish you a nice weekend (a long one if you are reading this in Germany or the UK), I'm sure I'll be posting from over there.