Friday, May 1, 2009

brooklyn calling

I'm very excited: I am leaving to the airport in half an hour to visit husband T. in his (and very soon my) new home in Brooklyn. He left London four weeks ago, as did our boxes. They were stuck in customs for over a week but are hopefully being delivered to his front door any day now.

I'll be staying for eight days, and I look forward to lots of hanging out, lots of walking around, taking lots of pictures, eating good food, going to Ikea, some sewing, and spending lots of time with T.

I wish you a nice weekend (a long one if you are reading this in Germany or the UK), I'm sure I'll be posting from over there.


  1. Liebe Christine, gute Reise und eine wunderbare Zeit!! Freu mich auf viele schöne Fotos... und grüß T. von mir! Wir lesen und sehen uns ...

  2. jetzt bist du schon wahrscheinlich da..
    eine schöne zeit! ja, ich auch - bin schon gespannt auf deine fotos und erzählungen..
    hast du deine SX-70 auch mitgenommen? (wo kaufst du für sie filme?)....
    liebe grüße