Tuesday, June 23, 2009

back in time: porto (6)

the Fundação Serralves (also by Álvaro Siza)is a beautiful museum
surrounded by a beautiful park
including a herb garden and a little farm.


  1. aaaah, the pictures are fantastic! (i mean ALL the porto-pictures) especially i love the one with the greenhouse..

    ich schreibe dir mal english, mal deutsch, keine konsekvenz, wie immer bei mir ;)
    wo sind dann die bilder, die nichts geworden sind, wie du erzähltest? ich sehe nur fantastische bilder.

  2. wow this museum looks like a really nice place! Lovely gate too, interesting!zooxi

  3. oops sorry, i typed the word verification (zooxi) in the wrong spot..

  4. Oh yeahhh! You put a big big smile on my face!! I worked there for a long time at the book shop! Is one of my favourite place is this amazing city!