Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lisboa, green and yellow



we passed the building in the top picture every day.
it was at the corner of a quiet little square,
and I really fell in love with it.

do you have that problem of not knowing how to post portrait format pictures?
I like my pictures to have the same width,
but it means I cannot see all of the first picture on my 13" screen...


  1. Ein riesiges Problem...das beste ist es, 2 vertikale Fotos nebeneinander zu stellen. Aber inzwischen habe ich mich auch schon mal zu einem -schmalen- vertikalen durchgerungen...das die vertikalen sonst doppelt so gross sind stört mich nämlich auch. hach!
    Deine Portugalbilder sind alle ganz toll.

  2. this first building is so beautiful!

    i wanted to do the same but changed it because no one could see the whole picture on the screen. for portrait picture i invert the dimension (in my case width: 400 px and length: 767 px)

  3. in love with that building too!

  4. i have the same problem, i like them all to have the same width but blogger doesn't display portrait images differently. what i do is have two portrait shots side by side, or resize them ahead to same width as the wide images and post them in full size.

    love the pics, as always.

  5. Oh, das grüne Gebäude ist wirklich ganz toll!!
    Hab das gleiche Problem mit den vertikalen Bildern, mag auch nicht wie es aussieht. Ich mach es so wie Jana, immer zwei vertikale Bilder nebeneinander :)