Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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butcher shop



bubbles II



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bubbles I

hello again!
this post has been sitting around as a draft for a week now
and the pictures are from our january trip to boston
so everything's a bit slow around here right now.

we had a relaxing and also productive weekend at home and in the neighborhood.
I bought some film last week and have been taking pictures
(mostly of blossoming trees) all weekend.
it's so much fun after a full month of only digital.

how have you been?


  1. boston looks beautiful!
    maybe I should take a trip down there too. did you eat lots of seafood?
    good to hear that you had a productive weekend, I had a semi productive one! too bad it is over :(

  2. oh das schaut wunderbar aus...so gutes Wetter..so schöne Garben....als ich in Boston war vor ein paar Jahren hatte es -25° im Dezember..da war der Winter hier dieses Jahr nichts dagegen: )
    Aber dafür ist es jetzt gerade so frühlingshaft hier...hoffentlich auch in New York bei dir..
    Ich freu mich, dass dir das CUT Magazin gefällt..hatte es am Sonntag auch auf den Lead Awards hier in Hamburg gesehen, dort gab es dafür eine Auszeichnung..
    Lieber Gruß

  3. i love the top image and the image of the snowy cemetery. boston looks like a nice place.