Thursday, April 1, 2010

31/31 + goodbye march!



spring blossoms

so these are the last one of my daily pictures this month.

march is probably my favorite month, the transition from winter to spring
is just the most amazing time of the year,
the days getting longer, and nature waking up and preparing to bloom.
every year, again and again, I am full of wonder, and cannot believe that it will really be spring soon.
and then summer.

also, this march, with finally starting a proper job, felt like the true beginning of my life here.
every day I am so grateful that I now have a job to go to,
and I still can't really believe that it's true.
being without a job for a few months really puts things into perspective.

goodbye march. and thank you!


  1. I am so so happy for you. I know it is hard when you move to a new country and you don't have a job. I had a long period like that when I first moved to NZ to live, it makes it difficult to feel part of things. I wish you every enjoyment for every coming season. xxx

  2. i'm really happy for you about the job !
    & your pictures are great.
    happy april & happy easter !!!!

  3. congrats on completing your March photo project, I really enjoyed it :) Happy april!

  4. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to have you on board for Me-Made-May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's makes it all the more special. Happy preparing, you have 25 days and counting xxx

  5. These are lovely, atmospheric photos, with the late sun just touching the tips of the blossoms.

  6. march was a great month for you!
    here is to a great april too!
    i love magnolias. The magnolias are coming out in my neighbourhood too!