Tuesday, November 24, 2009

long island on lomo (01)


long beach



ice cream


I've been meaning to post these for ages, they're from a weekend trip to greenport, long island, about a month ago.
it was mostly gray and cloudy, but luckily the lomo will make any weather look good!
I just love the gray, beige, blue and pink tones of the pictures.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

please meet: m a n i fold

first of all, thank you so much for the nice comments on my last post.
they really made my day!

and then, I have a little announcement to make:
after dreaming of my own etsy shop for so long I decided to just try it while I had the time,
and I opened one a few weeks ago: m a n i fold

I don't quite know where this is heading yet,
but I'm glad to have something to do, and I really enjoy thinking about
product photography and presentation, and maybe a few new products very soon.

I've listed a few things that I made for myself or for friends before
and that I wear a lot, thinking that maybe other people would like them too.
There are also a few japanese craft books and some vintage shoes. Here are some pictures:

m a n i fold: knit necklace turquoise/gray
knit necklace turquoise/gray

m a n i fold: tote for him (or her)
tote for him (or her)

m a n i fold: lavender pillows
lavender pillows

m a n i fold: knit necklace pumpkin/gray
knit necklace pumpkin/gray

m a n i fold: lucky luke ikat scarf (sold)
lucky luke ikat scarf (already sold)

pointy vintage flats in size 9-10

Pattern Magic Vol. 2 and other japanese sewing books

I'd love you to stop by the shop and have a look!

Friday, November 13, 2009


just a few weeks ago

hi! I know, it's been quiet around here lately, I feel I've lost my blogging mojo somehwere...

I'm doing okay, but the job hunt is going slow, I'm a bit scared that I won't find anything before christmas.
I enjoy having time for some sewing, cooking and baking bread, but still,
it's time to get back to work, I hope soon.

it started getting cold in NYC only yesterday, after I think one of the nicest falls I've ever had, with some amazing weather.
last sunday we had brunch on a friend's roof terrace in the west village almost sweating in our t-shirts.
no comparison to London in november if I remember correctly!
we've been going running in the mornings, and I've seen the leaves in prospect park change colour ever so gradually,
which made me appreciate fall a lot.

the picture above was taken about 6 weeks ago from our living room window.
the leaves from this tree are all gone by now, but a few other ones are still bright yellow.