Friday, November 13, 2009


just a few weeks ago

hi! I know, it's been quiet around here lately, I feel I've lost my blogging mojo somehwere...

I'm doing okay, but the job hunt is going slow, I'm a bit scared that I won't find anything before christmas.
I enjoy having time for some sewing, cooking and baking bread, but still,
it's time to get back to work, I hope soon.

it started getting cold in NYC only yesterday, after I think one of the nicest falls I've ever had, with some amazing weather.
last sunday we had brunch on a friend's roof terrace in the west village almost sweating in our t-shirts.
no comparison to London in november if I remember correctly!
we've been going running in the mornings, and I've seen the leaves in prospect park change colour ever so gradually,
which made me appreciate fall a lot.

the picture above was taken about 6 weeks ago from our living room window.
the leaves from this tree are all gone by now, but a few other ones are still bright yellow.


  1. happy to see you posting again.
    lovely pic as usual, fall is the best season to see NYC !

  2. it's cold, wet and windy in london today. roof terrace lunch sounds amazing. good luck with the job hunt!

  3. lovely to see you back.
    good luck with the job hunting :)

  4. a curious question!
    do you develop your own film?
    your photographs are amazing. you have a great eye.

  5. I love your blog! I've just been having a look around and just love all your fabulous photos. Good luck with the job hunt. K

  6. thanks for the nice comments everyone, they mean a lot to me and are a great motivation to keep posting!

    jonathon: I take my films to the local shop and have the negatives developed and scanned there. I'd love to develop them myself, but that's just so much hassle im terms of space and equipment and completely out of the question right now.