Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday brunch + goodbye

my two favorite boys


coffee + juice

look down

plum cake

my little brother M is flying to the States today
to do a phD and start a new life in Seattle with his girlfriend L.
I am very happy for the two of them,
but also a little sad to see him leave.

by coincidence M spent the last two months in Stuttgart,
and it was very nice to have him so close by and to see him so often.
last week on sunday he came round for brunch at our place.


thank you so much for all the nice comments on my last post!
I have yet to post a picture of the framed print I promised,
mainly because, well, it's still not framed.
T has been very busy at work (more on that soon) and we've had visitors every other weekend,
so we have not had much time to work on things around the flat.
hopefully soon.

summer has finally arrived here last week,
the city and the office are very quiet and empty because everyone's away.
I'm really enjoying it a lot,
but also looking forward to our trip to Portugal
which is now only two weeks away.

how is your summer so far?


  1. yum! looks like a perfect sunday brunch.

    hope you have a wonderful time here in portugal :)

  2. oh wie schön, dass du deinen bruder so nah bei dir hattest bevor er das grosse abenteuer usa in angriff nimmt. das wird bestimmt toll auch wenn das abschiednehmen immer ein wenig wehmütig macht.

    hier blitz und donnert der sommer gerade ganz wunderbar vor sich hin. irgendwie unheimlich und wunderschön zugleich :)

  3. Mmh, das sieht gemütlich und lecker aus!
    Ich finde es immer schön, wenn zwei Menschen gemeinsam etwas neues beginnen, sehr spannend!

  4. Miam, perfect brunch. Seattle is a great city...
    Summer is great, but already behind (holidays).

  5. oh ist das Plaumenkuchen, hmm davon hat mir meine Oma neulich am Telefon erzählt, das es so viele gibt momentan und sie nur noch Pflaumen ist :) Wie schön, dass du deinen Bruder für eine gewisse Zeit um dich hattest...das würde ich mir auch manchmal wünschen...hab eine gute Zeit in Portugal...

  6. Seattle is so wonderful- my sister lived there for 8 years & loved it. Make sure you visit!

  7. Oh, schön. Ich hoffe, du hattest einen schönen Urlaub in Portugal!