Tuesday, June 14, 2011

after dark

heart shaped balloons





some pictures from my friend M's lovely wedding last saturday.

I took only my D90 (which I have not used very much lately) on our trip
to practice a little, I always get confused by all the options,
shooting film in my K-1000 is so much easier.
As always the after dark shots turned out fine, so I'll only show you some of those.

do you know what you're doing with your digital SLR?
any tips on catching the light just the way it is,
the way that film does? let me know!


  1. The last photo is lovely - such a wonderful, deep contrast between the dark muted tones and the glowing whiteness of the child's shirt!

  2. love the atmosphere you captured.

    and the answer to your question: no, i'm totally lost with my digital SLR, so i'm not much using it at all. don't like the colours i get and the cheesyness of the effect those colours create. i want to start using analog lenses with the digital body, i heard that's giving nice effects, but you have to go all manual.

    if you come across any great tips, let me know, i would love to get to grips with my digital!