Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hello spring, hello friends


morning light

morning sun

white & blue



blue and white

oh dear, it's been a long time!

with lots of things to do in our new flat and with spring outside
I have not really had the patience to sit down in front of my computer at night
after I've spent most of my day in front of one already.

last week I finally picked up three rolls of film,
but now it feels strange to show you wintery black and white pictures from february
with all the colors and smells and sounds of spring outside the window.

so I decided to start with a few taken in our new flat:

01, 06 there's a farmers market across the square from our place every saturday, and I insist on buying a bunch of flowers every time we go.

02, 03 while the front of our flat (living and bedroom) face west, the kitchen with wintergarten faces east, and I love how the light comes in in the morning, blue from the west, and bright and yellow from the east. we've had really nice weather here in the last weeks, so there's always almost sun in the morning. our bedroom has a very pretty ceiling.

04, 07 I inherited this rosenthal china from my granddad when he died two years ago, and it's been stored in boxes in my parents' attic ever since. I love having it with me now, and imagine him and my grandmother (who died before I was born) serving tea on it on a sunday afternoon.

05 more market bounty, and another set of tableware from my granddad (I'll have to show you more pictures of it some day, it's my favorite ever and we use it every day).

we're heading to the north of germany on friday to spend easter with my family.
I wish you happy easter and a lovely spring weekend!


  1. Hi Christine, nice to see you here. I love the soft light in your flat. Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. hi christine, i found your blog some days ago and i think, i will have a look from time to time.:) i especially like the 1st picture. und der frühstückstisch strahlt auch ne schöne atmosphäre aus. lotte.

  3. Your posts are always so good that they're worth waiting for! Lovely photos; I love the china!

  4. Schön, das blauweiße Service!
    Hab eine entspannte Zeit im Norden!

  5. frohe ostern und eine wunderschöne zeit im norden mit der familie!

    (eure wohnung sieht toll aus - und das licht, ja!)

  6. tolles porzellan.
    schönen ostermontag im norden!!