Saturday, February 12, 2011

hello stuttgart


coffee break

pompoms 3


grüß gott



tulips + coffee

these were taken over the last weeks, and although I didin't feel
like I was taking very many pictures, they do sum up the time we've spent here quite well:
apartment-hunting (and by this getting to know the city a little better) and coffee breaks.

the center of stuttgart is surrounded by a u-shape of hills, so whenever you walk out of the center
you have a view over the city, which I like very much.
it also helps understanding where things are located when you're new in town.

1 a tower on top of the killesberg (one of those hills) with a super thin structure, it gives you a great view over the area
2 coffee break in the sunday morning sun
3 these fluffy pompoms grow all over town, I really like them
4 the sun has been shining a lot lately, perfect to take shadow pictures
5 grüß gott - this is how you say "good day" here in the south of germany (I'm not used to that yet).
this is the entrance floor of the house we will be moving into in march - we really did get the apartment!
6 a nice picture from a not so nice part of town
7 the city center, schlossplatz (the main square) reflected in the art museum's glass facade
8 another coffee break in a cute little cafe in heusteigviertel, a new favorite

there's more good news, funny how things don't happen for ages, and then they all happen at the same time:
I accepted a job offer on friday, and I will start work next wednesday.
I'm very relieved after all the hoping and guessing of the last weeks.

thank you so much for all the nice comments on my last post,
and have a great sunday!


  1. these photos are amazing. and congrats on all the great news. it always amazes me how it does seem to come all at once. and the bad news seems to do the same to us!

  2. the building in the sixth picture has something about it that i like.

  3. it's lovely to see you back! it must be so nice to have all your familiar things around you.
    in our german classes at high school in new zealand we were taught to say grüs gott & our teacher was kiwi! she must have had a southern german education.

  4. Lovely photos, and congratulations on the new job!

  5. i like walking through stuttgart with you like that!

    and congrats on the new flat and the new job! (if the entrance is anything to go by, the apartment must be so wonderful.)