Saturday, July 25, 2009

at work

so this is the reason I'm still in London.

I've been working on the refurbishment of this little mews house for a year now.
it was supposed to be finished four weeks ago.
and will not be 100% finished when I leave at the end of this coming week.

I am mostly happy about how things turned out.
there are a few things I would have done differently if it had been my own.
it can be very hard to watch the client make (in my opinion) terrible choices.
but once you realize that it's just your own ego, and that the client will be very happy, it's easier to get over it.

I'm only showing some of the bits I like here, no pictures of 70s-looking (very expensive) tiling
in the bathrooms or remote-controlled fireplaces.

it's amazing to go to site every week and see things turn out how you imagined them to be.
I have learnt so much doing this, it was the first time I have seen one of my projects being built.

but now it feels right to move on.


  1. oh, wie spannend! ich kann nur ahnen.. interessant wäre, später noch das fertige interieur zu sehen!
    das mit den wünschen des klients kann ich mir gut vorstellen.. ah....

  2. double wow! for working on a residential project, and being able to go on site to see them! The projects my office works on are so big, they go slower than a snail....
    what will you do in new york? anything lined up?

    have a great last week of work! wow, that must be a great feeling!