Saturday, September 1, 2012




just a quick hello to say goodbye
we're flying away tomorrow for three weeks (biggest trip of my adult life so far!)
to Seattle, around Oregon, to Portland, with a stop in Chicago on our way back.

thank you so much for your nice comments recently!
I have not spent much time online recently and found a bunch of them today
that I had not authorized yet. I'm sorry I don't have time to answer them before I leave,
but they made me very happy!

see you soon, and enjoy the rest of your summer!
I hope to have lots of new pictures to show you when I get back.


  1. Hab' viel Spaß!
    Nach Portland würde ich auch soo gerne mal :)

  2. Have a great trip! And I'll sure love to see the pictures you came with..

  3. Hoffe ihr habt einen tollen eine meiner traumrouten. wir sind seit gestern wieder zurueck.
    und: tolles dämmerungs-karrussell-foto!!