Monday, August 23, 2010

sun and clouds and colors






more pictures form the same day, with the weather changing
from sunny to cloudy about every 5 minutes:

1 beach chairs, perfect for this kind of weather
2 grapes in my aunt's garden
3 fishermen's crates by the harbour
4 lindenau wharf
5 matching colors



hup huup


kieler förde

part one of our trip was to my parents' place outside kiel by the baltic sea.
I always enjoy the ferry ride across the Förde to visit my aunt.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010



we're back from two wonderful weeks in Europe,
still slightly jet lagged and reluctant to accept
that we've returned to our daily lives already.

I have lots of pictures to show you.
the one above was taken on the island of styrsö in sweden
(our favorite place of the last two weeks).

how have you been?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



this is where I am right now. we escaped NYC on friday at lunchtime
and arrived in hamburg early saturday morning to a cool 12 C.
it's been windy sunny and rainy, but we've been spending lots of time outside
and went for our first swim yesterday.
my parents have been feeding us well these last days.

from here we're off to göteborg tonight, from there to southern germany to see more family,
on to berlin to visit friends, and then back to NYC.

the picture above is last year's, this time I'm traveling with my K-1000 only,
so there will be no pictures for a while.

Sorry for neglecting this space and for not answering any comments lately,
I always love to hear from you and will be back very soon.

Enjoy your summer!