Wednesday, September 8, 2010

summer weekend

summer weekend

going back to work this morning after a three-day-weekend was tough.
it's still summer here, and we did lots of summery things:

we met Mel + husband (visiting from London) for a very nice brunch,
rode our bikes round carroll gardens and red hook,
visited the cloisters and biked down manhattan's west side past hundreds of bbqs,
and rewarded ourselves with drinks and dinner at our favorite bar.

I don't think I have ever lived anywhere with such a long, reliable summer before!
also, I think all weekends should be three days long.


  1. das abendlicht war in ny schon im juli so toll. im september ist es wahrscheinlich unübertrefflich schön...

  2. so i can write in german..?

    ich bin froh, dass ich deinen blog grad (wieder?)gefunden habe! es ist so schön hier!!! keep on! :) lieber gruss aus berlin

  3. hi! we are back in london... i miss NYC.
    it was so nice to meet you both!!
    glad you had a nice long weekend. i went back to work today and it was very hard!! xx

  4. Hope that you and Melanie had a great time !

  5. was für ein tolles licht...ich bin auch sehr auf den Sommer hier gespannt..nach den manchmal ehr flüchtigen Sommerwochen in Hamburg wird das in Sydney glaub ich etwas länger-anhaltendes ; )

  6. beautifully long shadows - you can tell it's late summer!

    (lucky you - it's been pouring down today. and quite fresh. hey-ho.)