Tuesday, March 2, 2010


1/31 - reflection

after repeatedly not having had the courage for a 365
I'd like to try a mini-challenge and take a picture every day of march.
in this one you can see our new dining table
(a marble-top cafe table with a cast-iron base we found on craigslist after months and months of searching).

today was a slow day at work but a beautiful day outside.
I spent the night watching the office (I'm just a little bit obsessed, if that is possible)
and sewing (a dress that is now only missing buttonholes and buttons).

by the way, have you seen Zoe's march challenge?
I'm so impressed and look forward to seeing all her outfits this month.


before I forget, we watched rivers and tides, a documentary about scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy last night.
his work is amazing and it's a great film, you should definitely see it if you ever get the chance.


  1. what a great idea your march project! happy photo taking :)

  2. "rivers and tides" mag ich auch sehr, hab ihn vor ein paar jahren gesehen und war beeindruckt.