Sunday, February 7, 2010

the new yorker - recent favorites

recent favorites

recent favorites

recent favorites

we get the new yorker in the mail every week.
I love to take it out of the mailbox and look at the new cover.
they vary a lot in style, some are political or refer to current events,
and some (like the ones above) just make me smile.
I think the one with the cat is my favorite of all so far.

you can browse all the covers here, and buy them here.

I've been meaning to show you the present T gave me this last christmas,
I finally framed and hung it last weekend.

It's a print by Saul Steinberg, one of my favorite illustrators of all times,
who also did a lot of work for the new yorker.



  1. I really like that painting in the frame, I don't know what I like about it though..

  2. oh i love the new yorker so much.
    I brought back some on my last trip, i love them so much. but you can't find them here... so sad...

  3. Wirklich sehr schön!! Die Titel und auch ganz besonders der Druck.

  4. You're right about the New Yorker. The articles are excellently written, and the covers are such fun - clever and amusing. And Steinberg's illustrations are wonderful. The one you have looks great the way it has been framed.

  5. i live knowing that each week there'll be a magazine coming through the post & The New Yorker is an excellent choice!

    i especially love their cartoonists.

  6. New Yorket covers are always the best! The one with the cat is amazing!