Monday, December 14, 2009

manhattan and the blue hour



essex house


last weeked we went to MAD (top two images). I liked the building and the views from the inside a lot.
they have a great exhibition about paper cutting,
and also a nice one about Madeleine Albright's brooches.


  1. this looks like an interesting building & museum. i must say, i'm more than a wee bit envious of you in nyc :)
    the video about madeleine albright's brooch collection is great!
    i'm loving your shots with the new pentax k1000 :)

  2. Oh gosh Ny and an analogic camera work so well together... ! The last shot is fantastic !!!!! So beautiful !

  3. oh i LOVE the colours and the light in the bottom two!

  4. christine! How have you been? I am so sorry I haven't said hello in such a long while, so bad of me!
    I am loving your photos from long island, and these photos of manhatten makes me long to be there! such a wonderful city!

  5. Hi Christine,
    Beautiful images as usual! How is life in NYC? Sorry you miss Europe, but I'm pretty sure there is far more fun to be had where you are! Have you found a job yet? I'm in UK at the moment. Went to Bricklane on Sunday with Michelle, which was nice but freezing cold! How is the wardrobe refashion pledge coming on? Have you been sewing anything lately? I'm waiting with baited breath for your next creation to be unveiled, don't keep me waiting too long! have a fantastic Christmas. Zoe xxx

  6. oh, i´d like to come around one time to new york. your pictures are wonderfull, even more your whole blog!
    greetings from cold, old germany and merry christmas!