Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NYC weekends

coney island


double exposure

people's pops

meat corp

maya lin

1 coney island (first trip with T.'s new bike)
2 biking on the boardwalk
3 double exposure of boy + bike and some buildings
4 tasty popsicles and shave-ice from people's pops at brooklyn flea
5 shop on lafayette ave
6 Maya Lin' s "Three Ways of Looking at the Earth", at PaceWildenstein, 545 W 22nd St.
it's beautiful, go see it if you can!

and don't forget: you've got until tomorrow to leave a comment and win a photo print here!


  1. Pictures with Holga are definitely different from the others.
    I ADORE the first one. You made a great great picture !

  2. Sehen DIE schön aus!! Das doppelt belichtete ist besonders toll!! Ist es ein Schwinn-Bike?

  3. looks like an excellent weekend was had :)
    i love the vibrant colours. these make me want to have a go with a holga!

  4. yay! Your square format photos are so wonderful! Is the people's pops sign, a sign? Or is that you holding up the popsicle?
    it is a cool photo!

  5. Marion, Mary: you should get a Holga! they're really easy to use and you can get them for cheap on ebay (get the ones from Hong Kong, not the Lomo ones!). I think it's a great way to try medium format whithout spending too much money.

    Rike: leider kein Schwinn! aber trotzdem nicht schlecht.

    Celine: thanks! it was the sign of the stall, until you wrote this I had not even realized it looked exactly like the sticks of the popsicles! that brain's a bit slow sometimes....

  6. I love the US, and this post really makes me want to go there now! But I have to wait for my baby. Delivery time is in January.

  7. I have Holga that I bought several years ago. I made great shots with her, abandonned her for some time and I'm using her again. We'll see. But your pictures made a great impression on me !

  8. nr.5!!
    (wie du siehst, ich habe aufgehört zu sagen, dass es schöne fotos sind, denn ich habe das gefühl dass ich mich hoffnungslos wiederhole. ich mag die ALLE!!!!!)