Tuesday, September 15, 2009




this morning:
1. delicious homemade elderberry and red wine jam made by my sister-in-law Rike
2. kohlrabi and beets

back in NYC from a great ten days in the south of germany.
we saw some old friends, a new friend and lots of family. more pictures soon.

being a bit jet lagged meant we were wide awake by 6 am this morning.
we went for a run in the park (to feel less guilty about the enormous amounts of bavarian and bohemian food we enjoyed last week),
had breakfast and managed to do our weekly shopping at the park slope food coop before T had to go to work.

I should get started organizing my life, but I'm just so sleepy.


  1. I love the label on that jam!!!! I have never made jam yet, I never have time! But I really want to!
    Welcome back!! I know, it is so frustrating when you want to get so much done, but you are to tired!

  2. oh, welcome back! ;)

    es war so schön, euch beide kennen zu lernen!!
    bei mir - immer noch ein bißschen hecktisch und viel arbeit, aber heute abend erlaubte ich mir ein wenig blogland wieder ;)

    wunderschöne bilder, wieder! und ja - rike macht die besten etiketten!

  3. hey christine,
    jetzt auch ich habe solche marmeladen - ganze drei sogar - mit diesen schlichten, edlen etiketten - und dem wunderbaren inhalt, natürlich, - der leider zu schnell schwindet ;) mmmmmmhh