Sunday, July 19, 2009

things I'll miss (04)

courtyard at liberty

pretty fabrics

glas + light


another lamp


Liberty is an oasis in the busy west end shopping streets.

it's very calm in there but not too quiet, the light filters through the glazed roofs of the courtyards
and you can browse through expensive clothing, beautiful furniture, the famous fabrics and many more things
without shop assistants watching your every move.

they have a great choice of designers and often feature young independent ones in little displays.
it's at the same time very traditional and incredibly up to date.


  1. I love Liberty! The building itself is so beautiful as well as all the interesting stuff they're selling.

    It's funny to see your pictures of all the things you're gonna miss. I lived in London for nearly a year and only came home to Oslo a month ago.

    Have a great week!

  2. I have never been!!
    I am definately going next time I am in London!
    You are moving from one amazing city to the next. It will be amazing!
    (p.s. I am loving this series of things you will miss btw. It shows me all the things I missed seeing while I was in London)

  3. hi christine, i realised that i didn't respond to your question (from ages ago, i'm sorry) about where i get slide film developed... i've a feeling it is too late to be any use to you, but just in case, i go to snappy snaps in covent garden. they're ever so good there and get slides developed and mounted in soho for a very reasonable price. they're certainly the cheapest place i've found. the man who runs the franchise is very kind and knows his stuff too so i always feel like my film is safe with him :)

  4. wow. such great photos. looks like a really neat place! one day i'd love to visit. *

  5. red lipstick: nice to meet you! are you happy to be back in oslo?

    Celine: thanks! i guess it's always good to have reasons to visit a place again, a city really feels different if you visit again and get to know it a bit better every time.

    lottie: oh, no worries, I was a bit embarrassed I had asked when I realized that ektachrome is just a regular slide film (somehow I had convinced myself it needed a special type of development, like a kodachrome). silly me!

    tifanie: yes, you should definitely visit!