Monday, January 26, 2009


ech, originally uploaded by jygy.

I just realized that today, to the day, I've been working for two years.
Working as in full-time, grown-up, sitting-at-a-desk-all-day work.
I can't believe it! It's not too bad, it can be quite fun and I work with great people, but I'd still rather go out and play.


  1. It is nice that you are working with nice people and that you like your work.

  2. I just caught you work in architecture?? Me too! haha! I have a bunch of friends in London for architecture, it would be funny if you hung out in same circles!

  3. Celine- yes, I do! How did you know? I wouldn't be surprised If I knew at least one of your friends, architecture seems such a tightly knit world (and at the same time very international, at least in London), and it has happened to me so many times already... is it the same in Toronto?