hi! my name is Christine, and I live in Stuttgart, Germany.
I work as an architect. in my free time I like taking pictures, sewing,
spending time outside, or in the kitchen.

after finishing university I lived abroad (London, then Brooklyn) for five years,
and moved back to Germany at the beginning of 2011.
I sometimes miss the big city, but I love being back in my home country,
the fact that life has slowed down a bit, and that I can now ride my bike to work.

most of the pictures I take these days are on film, taken with a pentax k-1000 or lomo lc-a,
the digital ones are usually taken with a nikon D90.

thank you for visiting, and please say hi in the comments or via mail,
I would love to hear from you.

I case you would like to use any of my pictures,
please ask my permission first. thank you.

you can also find me online here: